Ionic Liquids in the Dortmund Data Bank

Ionic Liquids

Ionic liquids have become very popular in the last years. They are discussed as "designer solvents" for the use in

  • chemical reactions (e. g. biphasic reactions)
  • as selective solvent for separation processes
  • extraction
  • extractive distillation
  • absorption, etc.
  • electrochemistry, etc.

For the development of new processes using ionic liquids besides the various pure component properties

  • viscosity
  • density
  • heat capacity
  • melting point
  • heat of fusion
  • heat of transition
  • thermal conductivity
  • surface tension
  • speed of sound, etc.

in particular the knowledge of the phase equilibrium behavior as function of temperature, i. e.

  • activity coefficients at infinite dilution
  • vapor-liquid equilibria
  • liquid-liquid equilibria (miscibility gaps)
  • solid-liquid equilibria (melting points of mixtures)
  • gas solubilities
  • salt solubilities
  • excess enthalpies (heats of mixing)
  • excess heat capacities, ...

with ionic liquids is required.

A few years ago nearly no data were available. But during the last years different research groups started to measure the required pure component properties and mixture data. Unpublished data from the industrial chemistry research group of Prof. Gmehling and other sources (private communications) as well as published data are continuously stored in special files of the Dortmund Data Bank. 

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