CalculateX3 Preview: A New Prediction Tool

DDBSP-CalculateX3 is a program for calculating and displaying

  • vapor-liquid equilibria
  • solid-liquid equilibria
  • heats of mixing
  • activity coefficients

of ternary systems. Its main purpose is visualization and it is intended first of all for educational purposes. It may, though, be helpful also for process design since it allows a deep insight in the phase equlibrium behavior of ternary systems. The program is delivered with DDBSP Basic but prediction using UNIFAC, mod. UNIFAC (Do), PSRK or VTPR requires the DDBSP Mixture Prediction Add-on. To include experimental data, the resp. data banks need to be licensed. The main dialog of the software is shows in the following figure:



The following figure shows solid-liquid calculation results for a eutectic system with experimental data points included: